The Story Ahead Of Me

You don’t need any validation from anyone to achieve your goals. You may be mocked or underestimated but☝ never let those who dream big but fear to do the hard work stop you. The choices you make daily are what lead the journey of your success to its destination. How you spend your time doing […]

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Behind Black Curtains

It takes a lot more than just motivation to do you and be you. Everyone wants to be like somebody, its so sad on what the world has turned into. Look around you and observe each and everyone, ask yourself if you want to be like everyone else. Find a common ground and dig deep […]

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Forgiveness Heals A Broken Soul

Sometimes you will reflect back on things that has destroyed you deeply and wish that if life could turn back the hands of time you would do things differently. But you have to understand that time moves it doesn’t wait for nobody or goes back. You have to learn to forgive yourself first before anyone […]

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My form of happiness was never based on how much I had or how much my parents could do for me as a kid. I never had it all but my parents taught me that where there’s love, there’s everything. I stopped searching for love & happiness in things. I began to search for life […]

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Self Acceptance

It’s such shame on how guilty we are in playing a role to contribute in our own depression. Nowadays people are so insecure with showcasing who they really are, where they come from, what work they do or what they look like or how the background of their picture looks like. Who cares no one […]

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Life is a hustle for survival

Trying to make a content for yourself is one of the hardest and challenging journey anyone can take in life. We all want to party, live luxury but we don’t allow ourselves to leap from that one very thing that stops us from getting to the top. Life isn’t fair, thats what we always say, […]

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