Forgiveness Heals A Broken Soul

Sometimes you will reflect back on things that has destroyed you deeply and wish that if life could turn back the hands of time you would do things differently. But you have to understand that time moves it doesn’t wait for nobody or goes back. You have to learn to forgive yourself first before anyone and then from there forgive each and everyone because when you do forgive you realize that burden off your shoulders. You have to learn how the human form operates in order to be a better person. People will hurt you, disappoint you and some even use you but you have to take each circumstance as a lesson and put 100% focus on yourself. Give yourself time to look forward on things that could make your life easier and better. Be hopeful cause thats the only way you will regain yourself, see the invisible and achieve the impossible. Holding back on to things that has no value will destroy your soul, you have to force the inner you to start over and walk new roads. Life has so many opportunities but are you willing to leap and grab yours ?


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